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January 2010

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Kiss of Death - 10th chapter - Spade

This is somewhat shorter then normally but I need to think what I'll do next so be patient. :)

NOTICE: Hellsing and it's characters DO NOT belong to me. This is just a fan-made story and I have no profit from writing this.


My body was teared to shreds, my heart was broken to pieces and my soul, my soul was burnt to ashes - that is how he left me that night and I still haven't healed from the pain he caused me. He, my God and the king of all vampires, Alucard. His name - oh, that beautiful yet devilish name - won't let me sleep, day or night - that doesn't matter and I am left wondering: have I really fallen in love with a monster, a  new kind of a devil? Integra warned me so many times but I up until now ignored all her warnings. Has she been right from the beginning? No… Alucard can't be a monster - he's too loyal to be… I shouldn't be thinking such horrible things about him anyway - I am the fool here - I came to him not the other way around.


And he even warned me himself, I still remember his words clearly - Do you know the price of loving a monster? What do you want in return? Because if it is love what you want then I must say that the closest thing to it is ripping your heart out of your chest and eating it.


I closed my eyes, those words now mean only pain to me. I am such a fool - why do I love him so much? Why can't I just turn away from him and forget about everything? Why am I staying by his side begging for more of what he gives me? I open my eyes, the blue of them staring at the white of the ceiling in my room. "His eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming..." "Poe, right?" I turn my head to the side and there in all his glory he stood, he - the bittersweet nightmare, he - the Prince of Darkness, he - the Master of pain, "Alucard." I say the name of the undead lord in such a cold manner it shocks even myself. The vampire takes few steps closer to my bed and stops just out of my reach. "I wish you a good night," he looks into my eyes and even through his sunglasses I can see the blood-lust in his eyes, "my broken doll." He then takes his leave, leaving me confused. What? That's all? He didn't have to come if all he wanted was to tell me 'night'. Now I won't fall asleep for sure.


I grasped the pillow and hid my face with it but no, I wasn't planning to cry - I was getting sick of crying all the time, and always because of the same person - I screamed, I needed to get rid of the frustration and wrath. I wish I could get rid of these feeling I have for this creature of the night, too. Oh, Alucard - do you love to see me hurt? Have you came just to see your newest master-piece?


I was all alone, maddening. This room was turning into a grave and my bed was the coffin, so maddening. And Alucard... Alucard then will be the lover who visits his dead love every night - or so I wish. I can't stand it for much longer - so please, throw me away or beg me to stay but don't stay neutral.



You have used my favorite English word – bittersweet, so this chapter was bound to get me ;). Nevertheless, Alucard teasing Omen is always great :), so thank you for another good chapter. Looking forward to next part...

PS: It seems to be impossible to catch you on ICQ lately. Are you not using it currently, or I just always got connected at wrong time?
hmmm... both? I log on once in a while but no ones online or just ppl I dont feel like talking at that time so I log off right away. and moms mostly on the comp lately. Ill try to work something out, promise! =D