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January 2010

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Kiss of Death - 11th chapter - Dangerous Kind

I still don't know where I'm going with this chapter but no fear! I'll figure things up soon enough. :)

NOTICE: Hellsing and it's characters DO NOT belong to me. This is just a fan-made fic and I have no profit from it.


I was tired of this room, of this silence and so I got up and left just walking aimlessly around the mansion until… "How dare you?!" Integra's voice broke the silence of this place. I, being curious as usual, walked to the door of her office and listened. "You monster! You let sixteen innocent people die!" My stomach tightened, who could have done such a thing? "I don't care that the vampire could be bluffing, he wasn't and because of YOU innocent people died tonight! You monster!" A thought crossed my mind - could it be… Alucard? No, it can't be - I can't even imagine the punishment he'd receive. Lucifer, I beg you - don't let it be Alucard. "Six months without blood! Now get the Hell out off my office, monster!" I covered my mouth with my hand - six months? Can he even survive such a long period of time? Isn't she overreacting? I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose, there must be a logic explanation, Alucard's surely innocent - he has to be! The wooden door opened and Alucard walked out of her office closing the door behind him. But he did nothing to notice my presence - he left me there standing in front of Sir Integra's office, just like that. But to say the truth, I'm not even a little bit surprised - he must be in an horrible mood.


Maybe I can make Integra change her mind. Maybe. I knock on the door and let myself in. "Integra. We need to talk." I believe with those words I put a curse on myself. "What do you want?" The woman growled out. Ok, open-heartedly - she is many times scarier then Alucard. Next to her the vampire looks like a saint, or an angel. I'm screwed. "I… ahem… I heard you yelling on Alucard. And I… kinda believe… well… I believe the punishment is somewhat… too rough…. maybe…?" I had this need to run and hide, I'm not sure why but maybe it has something to do with the look my sister was giving me - luckily looks can't kill. Luckily. But she still send my soul to Hell and back - "HOW DARE YOU PROTECT THAT KILLING MACHINE!!!" And that was only the beginning… I went deaf after few sentences… Oh Lucifer, I had to be insane to take Alucard's side - it's like begging for death. "I ain't believing this shit you're telling me! Alucard didn't do it on purpose! It was an accident, damnit!" Words left my mouth, I had the need to protect his name. I was careless - I didn't even think about Integra's feelings all that mattered was what I think - how careless of me. I was so angry with her that I left her and her office even through I could hear he calling me back. Or rather yelling at me…


I walked through the mansion until I came to the underground level. But what now? It seems that Alucard wishes to be alone for now, but I don't wish to be lonely myself, not now, not ever. I made my way to the vampire's chamber while thinking everything over again. I stopped in front of one of many doors that were in the stoned hallway. Isn't this Seras's room? I knocked and a blond a bit taller then myself opened the door and let me in. "Hello, Seras." I greeted her and sat on her coffin. I watched her form move around the room a sad aura was around her. The woman didn't speak but I could tell what was on her mind. I wanted her to tell me everything, from the beginning 'till the end but I was scared what her reaction will be like. I never saw her like this, this Seras was a stranger to me, I knew only a happy, energetic Seras. But I need an answer, I don't want to be left in the darkness. I just want her to tell me the truth - that Alucard is innocent and it was all just an incident. "It was an incident, right? He's innocent, isn't he?" She stopped walking around the room but did not turn to face me nor did she give an answer. "Seras… Please… Tell me just this one thing: he didn't let them die on purpose, he wouldn't…" It was so hard to breath for me, it was as if someone had their hands around my neck and were choking me."…would he?" Seras didn't speak right away but now when I know the answer, Lucifer, I wish I never asked. "I… I don't know… We were warned but master… h-he wouldn't listen to me…I t-told him…" She broke into tears, crying a river made of red tears. Alucard… what have you done? You let innocent people die, are you planning to sleep peacefully tonight? My God, if I died because of your carelessness would you at least shed a tear? No… you wouldn't, would you? And I'd give a soul for you…