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January 2010

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Kiss of Death - 12th chapter - Thank You For The Venom

I wish my fanfic Heart-Shaped Glasses was updated so often, too... =/

NOTICE: Hellsing and it's characters DO NOT belong to me (sadly).


Why do I wish to be with Alucard so much? What does he have that others don't? Why I couldn't fall in love with some other guy - a romantic gentle guy that would love me forever? Why from all the people in this world it just had to be Alucard I fell in love with? I hate being lonely but the moment I met Alucard the only company I had was my mind and pain. Of course, there was Integra - I still didn't ask for her forgiveness, and Seras - who was always too busy with missions. Only other people I knew were Walter and Alucard. But now when banned from feeding was there even a reason for us to be in the same room? Six months… I'll be already back home when six months will pass. And I'll have only painful memories. Lucifer, I came here to find my step-sister and what do I do when I finally find her? Fall in love with her pet vampire. Lovely. Mom was right - I should have let Integra live her life without knowing about me - oh, the blessful ignorance.


I can hear the rain falling down from the sky and hitting the window glass - the sky is crying. I'd cry, too - if I had any energy to do so. And so I decided that I'll let the sky cry for me - I left my grave and the mansion. I stood in the fresh cold air letting the rain drops fall on me, on my face. The perfect face of a doll was being washed away and a face of a human took it's place. "Broken doll, huh?" Now I looked like a broken seventeen years old human - with circles under the eyes - so many sleepless days and nights - and other small beauty mistakes. I won't name them - first thing that people notice when looking at me are the tired eyes, I don't think anyone will notice my dried lips or even my problematic skin… How in Hell can Alucard call me a doll? Alucard. That name - why can't it be washed away from my mind by the rain, too? Why?


My thoughts were broken - "Hey Omen!" - it was Seras. I turned to see her and Alucard returning from another mission. I smiled and when they finally stopped in front of me I greeted them. "Hello, darlings. Back already?" "You'll get sick." I looked at Alucard - was the vampire showing his nicer side or was I just imagining things again? - and grinned. Oh, the old vampire's gonna get it - I jumped right into a puddle of water next to him - soaking him even more then he was already. "C'mon, it's just rain." Stop acting like you care, you know you don't - it's just my wish, I just wish you'd care. "What do you guys do in your free time anyway? I'm getting bored, this place is boring." I run through another puddle this time soaking both of them. "Oh come on! You two are like zombies today!" I jumped into another puddle and hit the jackpot - I jumped so much the water and mud ended up in Seras face. The girl glared at me. ''Oooops?" "Now it's personal - it's payback time!" A smile lit up my face. "You're on!" Lucifer, I didn't have so much fun in ages!  She was better then all my friends back home together!


"Well that was fun. We should do it again sometime." I laughed. We were a mess! - Alucard wasn't, the vampire left us there in the rain and watched us from far, he was the only one looking presentable. "Good evening, my master." We stopped in front of Integra - it was quite a surprise because you didn't see her often out of her not so small office. She said nothing to Alucard, not even a stupid "hello", her gaze fell on me and Seras. "You two look and act like children. I'm quite disappointed in you Seras and you…" She looked me straight in the eye - I guess a white flag or even begging for forgiveness won't help me - she was still mad. "How dare you call yourself Hellsing? Vampires are our enemy and you do what? You, you've betrayed your own kind and myself." And with that she was off. Her good-bye was "Report to me when I get back." Nice. "Well then," I started turning to the vampires, "I don't know about your plans but I'm gonna take a long hot shower, so see ya!" I waved and left. I had enough for one day. And I still need to figure out what sis wants from me.



Chapter would be great in novel, where you can immediately continue with reading. But as an update, it feels kind of disappointing ´cause it does not move the story forward. (Nobody likes fillers as much as main thing.) Next time try either longer chapter, or adding some action ;). Anyway thanks and keep going... Misho